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Tiny Tinker

Tiny Tinker

Tiny but mighty! Your small contribution will go farther than you think! I appreciate you supporting our small business and our family!

  • Freebies & Exclusives for Patreons
  • 10% Off my Etsy shop and site!
Tinker Pro

Pro Tinker

Your not Tiny but you are STILL mighty!! Giving more means getting more! I appreciate your contribution and will give you even better rewards in this tier!

  • More Freebies & Exclusives
  • 15% off my Etsy and Site
Tinker Extraordinaire

Tinker Extraordinaire

ou are a dedicated fan and supporter! I want to say I am very grateful for your contribution to my patreon each month! You will receive the biggest perks each month in tribute!

  • Access to FREE Monthly Bundle
  • Exclusive design bundle (different than above)
  • 20% off my Etsy Shop and site!
  • Discount on Tinker Boxes (coming soon)

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