DIY Mini Round

DIY Mini Round

Hello everyone! We are back for Week 2 of 2020 with another DIY Project! This week we are painting a mini wood round. I had originally posted a bigger wood round I had found but then I came across a smaller wood round and I KNEW I had to go smaller. Small signs are simple, quick, and perfect for shelf sitters!! I will include a supplies list below but you don’t have to get exactly what I used to do it your own way!


Together Is My Favorite Place To Be Design – You can grab this design for FREE this weekend until Sunday Jan 12th at 11:59 pm!! So don’t wait too long!! Link is below for design!

Wood round – any size that you like – the one I used was an 8″ round

White Acrylic Paint – the paint I used was actually a Behr sample. Link for the sample paint is below. 🙂

A sponge brush or makeup sponge – now don’t laugh but if you look closely in the video I actually used a ripped piece of sponge due to the fact my 3 yr old toddler has completely ran off with all my good sponge brushes bless her heart she’s always wanting to “paint” in the bathtub. SO I had to take an old rough looking sponge brush that was kind of dried out with old paint and rip the good part off to use it! Talk about being resourceful! – I found a bulk of 24 sponge brushes at my local menards! Link is below:

Vinyl – in this case I used 631 vinyl from Craftables and I also used my transfer paper from Craftables as well. Links for those products are below!

White 631 vinyl (roll with transfer tape included):

Let’s get started!!

  1. I got to skip a few steps due to my mini round being already ready to go. It didn’t need stained or sanded so if you are buying it from the store you may want to paint or stain it in advance. I suggest giving it a day to dry if you are using paint and 2 if its stain. Stain is more of an oily substance and needs more time to set so it will allow your vinyl stencil to actually stick to your board. I have learned this the hard way!! lol
  2. If you got your design from my shop already all you need to do is load it into your software. I used my silhouette business edition. If you have basic you want to use the DXF format, everyone else can use the SVG format. Size the graphic to about 7.75 all the way around. Some of the flowers on the wreath come out just a tad bit farther so you want to make it small enough if you are using an 8″ round like I am.
  3. Next you will need to set your cut settings to Vinyl – glossy if you are using a different type of vinyl please skim through the choices you have in your software. There is a matte option if you are using matte instead of glossy. I used the vinyl that I had which was glossy.

4. Once your design is cut you can now weed the design

5. Next you can apply your transfer tape. You can use a credit card or a straight flat surface (ruler) to push down your stencil so it has a good stick.

6. Slowly pull off your transfer tape from the vinyl. If you happen to get some little pieces that come up I simply just partially lay the stencil back down press harder and pull back up.

7. When you go to paint try to use as little as possible. LESS PAINT MORE COATS! This prevents bleeding which can be a real pain and make you have a lot of cleanup when you pull your stencil off your board.

8. Once your paint has dried somewhat peel off your vinyl stencil. If you want to wait for it to fully dry you can as well.

9. ALL DONE!! You have made it! If you want to watch the full video of the head over to our Facebook page or join our group where we share all the behind the scenes!!

If you love this tutorial and want to see more of this type of project please pm or email me let me know your thoughts!! I love any suggestions I get and look forward to hearing from you all!

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