DIY Memory Vase

DIY Memory Vase

Hello crafters!!! It’s a new year which means a fresh start with goals and what you want to accomplish this year. And what better way to keep track of accomplishing those and collecting those moments than a Memory Jar!! Just a few weeks ago I came across this project someone else had shared called a Memory Jar. This jar was meant for keeping track of all the great events, memories, and achievements you had made that year.

So when you get a good memory or maybe its a goal you have accomplished you just write it down on a little piece of paper and put it in the jar. You continue to do this all throughout the year until Jan 1st of the next new year. Come January 1st you can read all of what you have accomplished and done the prior year!

Supplies Needed

Glass Vase/Jar ( I used a glass vase that I had just sitting around – Saving those dollars)

HTV – I had used Glitter HTV from Heat Transfer Source & Shopcraftables!

Iron – Settings should be on linen

Gloves – this is not a necessity but depending on how small your vase/jar its important to protect your hands from getting burned 🙂


  1. You will need to decide what design you would like to be applied to your vase or jar. If you love the one that I use in this tutorial you can grab that from my shop for free with the link below! If you want to see how this design was made you can watch my hyperlapse video on my instagram @tinkerandteal or you can follow our group with this link—->

2. Next you will need to cut your design. (Now is a good time before starting to cut to plug your iron in so it can get nice and warm!) For my project I used Glitter HTV. If you are new to cutting HTV for this type of vinyl you have to lay the pretty side down on the mat when you cut.

3. Once you are ready to cut and you click send the software should ask you if you want to mirror your image. In this case since I am using HTV I need to mirror due to cutting my material upside down. This just ensures when you are finished cutting and turn your image over it will be the correct way.

4. Weeding time! – I don’t know about you but this is my favorite part when doing vinyl.

5. Once the design is cut and weeded you can now begin to apply to your vase. Your iron should be set at linen settings. Be sure to use just a little bit of pressure when applying. I used some blue painters tape to keep my design in place as the cover sheet for the vinyl wasn’t sticky enough to hold it to the vase. Usually when you iron or heat press HTV you will need parchment paper or a teflon sheet but for this project I didn’t so I could see what I was doing. Once you you feel you can pull the cover sheet off the vinyl and you know there aren’t any loose spots you can pull your cover sheet off slowly!!

TADA! YOU ARE FINISHED! Keep in mind you do NOT have to use HTV for this project. It’s much easier and quicker to use 651 or 631 vinyl. I only used HTV because I had no more pretty colors left in 651 or 631!!

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